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Address your immediate job hiring needs with Jobayan’s low-cost job post packages and services catered as an inexpensive yet powerful resource for different types of businesses. Our on-the-go job promotion tools bridge seamless solutions to maximize job seeker engagement.

Resume Download 10 credits Know your applicants!
For only 10 credits per download, you can now acquire their resume to better understand skills and talents.
SMS Match Notification 300 credits Get immediate updates on potential talent!
For only 300 credits per post, you can now receive match notifications via SMS for a month anytime, anywhere without the need to click interested button on job seekers.
SMS Interested Notification 500 credits It’s nice to know there are new applicants on the way!
For only 500 credits per post, you don’t need to go online to check interested candidates. You can now receive notifications via SMS for a month from each job seekers that are interested on your job post.

Attach Application Form 500 Credits
Let’s make better opportunities together!

For only 500 credits per post, we can direct applicants to your company easier by enabling an application section.

Want an upgraded subscription to this feature?

Activate Interview Scheduler 500 Credits
Enable Activate Interview Scheduler to help you manage screening the candidate and progress stages accordingly.

Want an upgraded subscription to this feature?

Chatbot Usage Coming soon!
Engage with social active Job seekers for only 200 credits per job post!

With chatbot integration in our Facebook page, connect with social media savvy applicants through priority promotion in facebook messenger whenever Job Seekers chat with Jobayan.

Verified Badge 500 credits Showcase to everyone that you are indeed an authentic direct hiring company!
For only 500 credits per post, Verified Badge lets people know that an account of public interest is authentic.
Featured Email Campaign 5000 credits Let us promote your job ad to qualified Job Seekers on Jobayan databank!
With featured email campaign, our marketing team will write a bespoke article and promote your post to actively looking for jobs candidates based on job description and geographic reach.
Featured SMS Campaign 500 credits The talent you are looking for can be 1 SMS away!
Be up close and personal with your target talents! For 500 credits, let 100 job seekers know about and click on your job post in Jobayan.
Featured Facebook Campaign
Does your company's job vacancy need more awareness? Jobayan to the rescue!
Getting the right kind of applicants online ain't easy! Allow us to help you narrow down your candidate search by helping your company have a good awareness strategy and execution on Facebook.

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