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This post is expired and exists as historical reference.
Hello! We are Xpoint Tech phils corp from Pasig City and we are looking for an Administration And Coordination with 2 years of experience.
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Job Description

1. Responsible for overdue account management, timely follow up the status of overdue repayment of each customer.

2. Responsible for urging debtor to repay on time by SMS, email reminder, phone call, letter, lawsuit, or other social means.

3. Responsible for timely recording of each collection, and continuous follow up to the final repayment.

4. Promote payment through various pressure means such as ethics, credit, law or arbitration.

5. Finish the repayment index assigned by the group in time to keep the accounts receivable been controlled within normal range.

6. Analyzing, summarizing, conducting a flexible and effective collection plan with information obtained in pre-lending and post-loan.

7. Maintain the company's good relationship with customers and enhance the customer's reputation and loyalty to the company.

8. Learn more collection experience from anyone in the same industry , and share it in time in internal company.

9. Complete other matters assigned by leader and give feedback.


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Get To Know

Xpoint Tech phils corp

Xpoint Technology Phils. Corp. is a company registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Republic of the Philippines. Establish in 2015 We intend to provide traditional customer care operations and internal business functions to our various clients as a way to help them handle the non-core aspects of their business.


We are strategically located in Ortigas Center, Metro Manila as it will be very easy for our clients to get to us, whilst easily accessible to our employees. Our location also allows us to have low overheads as well as running costs.

Procuring the best equipment with which to handle our business is a must for us so that we could provide our clients with best service. We also intend to build a business structure that will run smoothly and allow us to achieve our desired goals and objectives.

We hire the right number of employees who are qualified and competent and who have aligned with our vision as a company and are committed to ensuring that we attain the height we intend for our business.

We ensure that we provide a conducive and work friendly environment for our employees so that they will be able to focus on work. We will also ensure that they get the right training that will not only enhance their skills but boost productivity for us as well.

We ensure that our employees are well paid and have the best welfare structure across similar start-ups such as ours in the industry. We know how this can boost their work output and so are willing to ensure that they remain motivated.

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