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This post is expired and exists as historical reference.
Hello! We are Global Headstart Specialist, Inc. from Pasay and we are looking for a Call Center Agent - Gaming Console Account Ghscoa.
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Job Description

Text: 0917-622-9267

Email: jobs@globalheadstart.com

Look for: Ms. Daisy

Day Shift * Local Accounts * 1 Day Process * Night Shift * International Accounts

You name it, we’ve got it! Connect with Global Headstart and we’ll help you get a job.

Job Description:

- Resolve customer complaints via phone, email, or social media

- Take payment information and other important information such as addresses and phone number

- Assist with placement of orders, refunds, or exchanges

- Use telephones to reach out to customers and verify account information

- Utilize computer technology to handle high call volumes

- Attempt to persuade customer to reconsider cancellation

- Compile reports on overall customer satisfaction

- Inform customer of deals and promotions

Job Qualification

- At least high school graduate

- No work experience required

- Average communication skills

- Must be willing to work on day shift, night shift, or shifting schedules

Call Center Agent - Gaming Console Account Ghscoa from Global Headstart Specialist, Inc.
Get To Know

Global Headstart Specialist, Inc.

Global Headstart Specialist, Inc. provides Call Center jobs and other employment opportunities to Filipinos in Metro Manila and across the Philippines. We specialize in providing industry-leading human resources (HR) solutions including, but not limited to: Sourcing and Recruitment,  Executive Search, Training and Development, and Events Coordination.

Our team is comprised of seasoned HR professionals and senior executives locally and abroad who boast of years of business experience.​

Global Headstart Specialist, Inc. understands the growing human resource needs of call centers. We guarantee to alleviate our clients’ HR demands and to help them achieve their goals. We are thoroughly dedicated to enabling our clients to exceed their expectations and to provide job seekers with access to the best call center jobs in the Makati and Metro Manila area. To ensure this we customize our qualification processes to fit the client’s specific needs, while remaining determined to uphold confidentiality and professionalism.

​A proven track record, knowledgeable staff, state-of-the-art technology, and a personal touch define the HEADSTART advantage.

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