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This post is expired and exists as historical reference.
Hello! We are GRABLINGO from MANILA and we are looking for an ESL TEACHER with 1 year of experience.
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PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: Requirements - at least 1 year ESL teaching experience online/offline - at least 3mbps download and about 1 mbps upload enough for group video classes and screen sharing in Skype. Wired connection only - quiet space and professional background for video classes - MUST be available from Mon to Sat. Peak hours 8pm - 12 midnight PH (7pm - 11pm VN) FAQs: What are the Rates? ---Range is Php100 - Php200 (depending on experience) How do I get my salary? --- Salary will be given every 5th and 20th of the month via Gcash or BPI. How do I get students? ---This is not a booking system. Regular Students wanting to improve their skills will be assigned according to the availability of the teachers. (We have more students at night). Students will usually stay with their assigned teachers until the end of their course. How long are the classes? ---The usual length is 50 minutes. Some students may have special requests. Trial classes are 25 minutes. Are slots paid if there are no classes? --- No, only successful classes will be paid. As mentioned, this is not a booking system. You are free to do as you wish during the time that you do not have any classes. If the student is absent, will I be paid? ---It depends on the situation. If the student is absent without notice (30-minute wait time), the teacher will be paid half the rate. All of which will be discussed during the orientation. Are there penalties? ---There are penalties for teachers who fail to notify their students and GrabLingo of their absences. (NCNS) What is the recruitment process? ---Upon submission of resume: 1. Applicants will go through a screening, those who have been selected will be invited via email to take the preliminary test. 2. If applicants pass the preliminary test, they will be scheduled for the initial interview. 3. Once the applicant passes the initial interview, he will be scheduled for the mock test. 4. After passing the mock test, the applicant will be scheduled for the final interview with the CEO. 5. After passing the final interview, successful applicants will proceed to the orientation. For interested parties, please send answer this application form. We will contact you if you pass the initial screening. https://goo.gl/forms/f314nJEIKUjpEuKo2 or email sgrablingo@gmail.com Thanks!

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