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This post is expired and exists as historical reference.
Hello! We are Asian Summit College from Pasig and we are looking for an It Staff with 1 year of experience.
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Job Description

Recruiting IT Personnel in 4 Areas for Japan


1. Web Service Platform Development

  Charge of the supporting system development for a front-end & back-end and various services.

(1) Web Service Development

  Responsible for the design, development and operation of the front end and back end of various services.

(2) Platform Development

  Responsible for the design, development, and operation of large back-end systems that are commonly available to multiple service operation by the industries.

(3) Smart-phone Application Development

  Responsible for the design, development and operation of various applications from existing applications to new ones.


2. Data Platform and Science Area

Responsible for process appropriate data to provide appropriate services for each user from the vast amount of data generated mainly from large-scale sites in Japan.


(1) Data Platform area

Supports the vast amount of data that is increasing by daily through building a largest Hadoop or Cassandra cluster in Japan, analyzes from the data aggregation provides a visualized environment. Work and cooperated with global companies around the world to leverage cutting-edge technologies.

- Required technologies: Data sensing, Distributed computing, Distributed file system (DFS), Database, High-performance computing (HPC), Information visualization.


(2) Science area

Providing contents desired by people through the search optimization as a result of recommendation system, web search or commerce search etc., and optimization of advertisement provided to the user, applied all areas of knowledge and technology based on machine learning.

 - Required skills: Machine learning, Information retrieval, Natural language processing, Voice processing, Image processing.


3. Infrastructure

Constructing a foundation that supports massive access. There are a wide range of tasks from the construction of networks and servers to the development of virtual content environments.


(1) Hardware Area

Responsible for planning, designing, building, and operating services based on knowledge of OS, Kernel, Server, and Storage. Operate tens of thousands of servers.


(2) Network Area

Responsible design, build and operate a large-scale advanced network for supporting the service base. In addition, Using BGP and MPLS to manage career-level backbone from Japan to overseas.


(3) Cloud

Developing the production service with technology that is been using in OpenStack. Responsible for planning, development, construction and operation of virtual environment.


(4) Data center field

Provide services while using data centers existing in domestic and overseas for optimization. Responsible for the operation from the design of the data center that support services for the industries’ need.


4. Security

Utilizing the latest technology. Always actively protecting from unauthorized access or attacks that advancing itself.


(1) Abuse area

Design, development, and operation of abuse measures such as spam and robot measures in connection with various services.


(2) Security area

Responsible design, development, operating of the build infrastructure and monitoring system that protects the service or user by using technology such as authentication. security, security scan, penetration, and weakness handling.


* As for those who have the following achievements in the above four categories, will be hiring engineer special division for those who wish to work in that area.


Required skill

● Engineering-related start-up experience

● Writing Technology Manuel experience

● The number of downloaded an applications by himself is over 1 million

● Experience as a Top 10% winner in Kaggle

● Game Programming grade holder

    -Topcoder 2200 or higher

    -AtCoder 2600 or higher

    -Codeforces 2200 or higher


● Thesis at the Top Conference in the following disciplines

Natural Language Processing, Voice Processing, Image Processing, Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, Recommendation, HCI(Human Computer Interaction), Distributed Computing, Database, HPC (High Performance Computing), VR (Virtual Reality), Statistics Module, Semantic Web.


Experience based on the above


5. Terms of employments

Salary conditions for those who do not have a career experience for fresh graduates under(college) and the graduate school


(1) Engineer Special Division

Over 6.5 million yen (including overtime of 45 hours a month including bonus)

For the case of 6.5 million yen: Standard salary 383,613 yen / month, (Overtime of 45 hours: 99,325 yen including + bonus)


(2) Regular employment, other than engineer special division

① College Graduate: approximately 4,250,000 yen (standard salary 219,000 yen / month, +25 hour overtime 42,508 yen / month + bonus)

② Master Graduate: about 4.65 million yen (standard salary 240,000 yen / month, 25 hours overtime 46,584 yen / month + bonus)

③ Doctoral degree holder: Approximately 5,400,000 yen (standard salary 271,000 yen / month +25 hour overtime 52,601 yen / month + bonus)


* Bonuses are vary according to achievement.

** Overtime beyond 25 hours per month will be paid in excess of the allowance.

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Asian Summit College

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