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This post is expired and exists as historical reference.
Hello! We are Sterling Paper Group of Companies from Makati City and we are looking for a Junior Auditor with 1 year of experience.
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Job Description

1. Site Revolving Funds / Other Funds

  • Ensures that all funds are fully accounted, used solely for the purpose it was established and all transactions are legitimate / approved and fully supported.

2. Thresher Cash Advance (Issued during harvest season)

  • Verifies all thresher cash advances are liquidated on time, TCA liquidations are supported by HPORR and to check long outstanding TCA.

3. Walk-in Sales and Deposits

  • Checks if all walk-in sales, cash collections, check collections and salary deductions are fully accounted. To verify if cash/check payments are deposited to company account and to check for any outstanding / unpaid walk-in sales.

4. Employee Cash Advances

  • Checks the nature of the cash advance and outstanding amount (if any).

5. Fleet Cards

  • Determines all company vehicles with fleet cards and tabulate the fuel consumption per month (liters/cost); number of trips.

6. Milling Output / Batch Milling Cost

  • Conducts physical count of Milling Output (head rice, half broken, regular rice, etc.) to ensure the count is reflected in the MOOR and prepare corresponding Batch Milling Cost.

7. Repacking Output

  • Checks repacking from input to output, to account for any loose left over and to conduct physical count of repacked items and check versus POOR.

8. Stock Transfers To/From

  • Checks the accuracy of loaded quantity versus stock transfer documents and transferred stocks versus receipt by the receiving warehouse.

9. Returns

  • Checks that all returns are actually received and recorded.

10. Scrap Disposal / Deposits

  • Checks if all items for disposal are approved by management, coursed through bidding and if the proceeds are deposited to the company account.

11. Security Review

  • Checks and ensure that all incidence within the plant and premises are reported and documented (pilferage, missing items, etc.) and to observe the security guards compliance to their tour of duty.

12. Inventories

  • Conducts physical count and stock monitoring.

13. Performs other functions/ tasks that may be assigned by the immediate superior

Job Qualification

• Must be a College Graduate in Accounting or Financial Management
• At least 1 – 2 years of working experience in finance/ audit
• Knowledgeable in SAP system, Audit report, Financial Statement and Accounting Principles
• Can work with minimum supervision 
• Willing to work in Makati


Junior Auditor from Sterling Paper Group of Companies
Get To Know

Sterling Paper Group of Companies

About Us

Company Profile

Sterling Paper Group of Companies, which started as maker of photo albums and stationeries is now a conglomerate of a successful business ranging from school and office supplies to real estate and agri-business. It has also ventured into importation of office furniture and other imported school and office supplies. Today, the Sterling Paper Group of Companies has grown not only in its paper products, but also through its other ventures. It has realized its mission statement of being the leading company in its field by achieving total quality in its production and by fostering strong bonds with its customers, suppliers and employees. Sterling Products are exported to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Egypt, Latin America, South America and the United States.

Our Mission

We would like to be a leading company in our industry by achieving total quality in our production and fostering strong bonds with our customers, our suppliers and our employees.

Our Vision

The Sterling Paper Group of Companies will not only be a leader in its respective industry in terms of sales and profits, but in terms of innovation, cost-efficiency, rightsizing, less bureaucratic and diversification to other product lines and field of business in order to achieve a super business status in six year's time. "I strongly believe that if we work together we can achieve our vision and in the process create a super business that will be admired by our customers, our suppliers and our society."

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