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This post is expired and exists as historical reference.
Hello! We are Task Network Inc. from Manila and we are looking for a Now Hiring: P30,000 / Mo. Salary - Full Time Home-based Administrative Support Specialists with 3 years of experience.
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Greetings from Task Network!

We are currently hiring full time, home-based Administrative Support Specialists to provide back office administrative support to our clients in Canada, US and Australia.
Please send your updated resume to JobBoards@TaskNetwork.ca. Our recruitment team will contact you within 24-48 hours.
Duties and Responsibilities:The role of the full-service Administrative Support Specialist is to complete various generaladministrative tasks for our clients in North America and Australia.You will act as a full-service Administrative Support Specialist that will be able to complete variousadministrative tasks as needed by our clients.As an Administrative Support Specialist, you will be multitasking to complete various generaladministrative tasks on a daily basis.
Day-to- day tasks include, but not limited to, the following:(The Administrative Support Specialist must be capable of completing the following tasks)- Administrative support- Data entry- Database management- Social media management (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter etc.)- Schedule management- Email management- Answering inbound calls- Making outbound calls- Creating reports- Working with Microsoft Office platforms (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)- Sales administrative support- Clerical tasks- Customer service support- Online research
Working Hours: Full time, night shiftWork Schedule: 9PM - 6AM PH time, Monday-Friday (fixed weekends off)
Benefits of Working from Home:• Highest industry salary of 30,000 Php per month• Convenience from working from home• Elimination of the need to travel• Elimination of travel expense• Avoidance of the horrendous Metro Manila traffic (saves 5 to 6 hours of travel time)• Increased safety• Increased family and personal time• No deduction costs on monthly salary• Improved sleep quantity and quality, resulting in improved mental alertness• Improved work productivity• Valuable work experience with North American companies gained• Improved lifestyle• Increased happiness with career and work environment• Improved relationship with employer• Well sought-after position in the Philippines
Qualifications:1. Exceptional English communication skills both verbal and written (American style accent)2. Experience in handling North American / Australian accounts3. Experience in administrative support functions4. Must be able to multitask and complete various general administrative tasks5. 3-5 years of BPO experience and/or home-based administrative support experience is a plus6. University / college graduate preferred7. Proficient in Microsoft Office suites8. Knowledgeable in social media platforms9. Personal PayPal account10. Personal bank account11. Professional appearance
Home Infrastructure:1. Desktop or laptop - Windows 7 (or above) or Mac OS / dual-core processor or better / 4 Gb RAM or better / Installed with latest anti-virus software2. DSL internet connection (8 Mbps or better)3. A headset with noise cancelling features preferably A4Tech brand4. An HD webcam (720p/3mp or better)5. A stable supply of electricity6. A professional and quiet working space with good lighting at home - professional background(behind a plain background wall) / free from any background noise e.g. animals, pets etc.

Now Hiring: P30,000 / Mo. Salary - Full Time Home-based Administrative Support Specialists from Task Network Inc.
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