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Hello! We are Sterling Paper Group of Companies from Makati and we are looking for a Regional Business Manager with 8 years of experience.
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Job Description

  • Does strategic planning and forecasting to be able to identify group directions, plan out sales targets and activities
  • Plans the advertising and promotions activities to ensure that advertising materials are focused and geared towards the achievement of sales target
  • Monitors group performance and workload to determine sales progress versus targets, account receivables target and growth of sales and business
  • Manages clients requirements and needs to establish good relationship and be updated on programs and plans
  • Conducts farmers meetings as a means to promote awareness on products and increase sales
  • Manages collection to ensure timely remittance to head office, efficient collection and efficient company cash flow
  • Manages vehicle maintenance and schedules to ensure that sales are delivered on time and to ensure security of the employees
  • Manages and consolidates inventory for hybrid seeds and agricultural chemicals in the assigned area to ensure the accuracy of its inventory
  • Monitors the daily operations and activities of his subordinates to ensure their optimum productivity.
  • Performs other related functions that may be assigned from time to time

Job Qualification

Graduate of a collegiate course, preferably Agriculture or Business related

At least five (5) years of work experience in sales, three (3) years of which are in senior capacity; with experience in dealing with people

Get To Know

Sterling Paper Group of Companies

About Us

Company Profile

Sterling Paper Group of Companies, which started as maker of photo albums and stationeries is now a conglomerate of a successful business ranging from school and office supplies to real estate and agri-business. It has also ventured into importation of office furniture and other imported school and office supplies. Today, the Sterling Paper Group of Companies has grown not only in its paper products, but also through its other ventures. It has realized its mission statement of being the leading company in its field by achieving total quality in its production and by fostering strong bonds with its customers, suppliers and employees. Sterling Products are exported to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Egypt, Latin America, South America and the United States.

Our Mission

We would like to be a leading company in our industry by achieving total quality in our production and fostering strong bonds with our customers, our suppliers and our employees.

Our Vision

The Sterling Paper Group of Companies will not only be a leader in its respective industry in terms of sales and profits, but in terms of innovation, cost-efficiency, rightsizing, less bureaucratic and diversification to other product lines and field of business in order to achieve a super business status in six year's time. "I strongly believe that if we work together we can achieve our vision and in the process create a super business that will be admired by our customers, our suppliers and our society."

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