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This post is expired and exists as historical reference.
Hello! We are I-Map Websolutions.net from Makati and we are looking for a Sales And Marketing Officer with 2 years of experience.
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Job Description

  • Generation of leads and prospects
  • Qualify prospects and submit proposals
  • Presentation of the company products, solutions and services
  • Handling client’s inquiries
  • Resolve client’s issues in coordination with the technical support team
  • Creating and developing marketing plans, collaterals and strategies
  • Designing and executing digital marketing campaigns or programs
  • Designing and executing customer retention and loyalty programs
  • Responsible for promoting and improving brand awareness, corporate image and customer acquisition
  • Evaluating effectiveness and analyzing data gathered from marketing campaigns or programs
  • Improve the SEO of the website pages in the organic searches
  • Manage paid advertisements like Google Ads and alike
  • Manage and updates social media accounts of each websites
  • Monitor competitors’ marketing strategies

Job Qualification

  • Has basic technical knowledge in computers
  • Basic knowledge in web hosting is a plus
  • Do client meetings and presentations
  • Do phone calls promoting our services
  • Proficient with PC applications (Windows, Word, Excel etc)
  • Basic knowledge in Photoshop


Miscellaneous allowance, Loans, Sports (e.g. Gym), Parking,
Sales And Marketing Officer from I-Map Websolutions.net
Get To Know

I-Map Websolutions.net

I-MAP WEBSOLUTIONS was born out of a perceived and anticipated need several years back. There was an apparent absence of a company that is focused on creative web designing using dynamic and up-to-date technologies to amplify the value of information and provide a more advance presentation to communicate this significant information with clients. The use of the latest technologies has further enhanced communication over the Internet given the use of more advanced interactive features.


I-MAP WEBSOLUTIONS embraces the changes in paradigm. Today it is the leading e-commerce solutions provider in the country. It brings innovative solutions that apply state-of-the-art technologies coupled with its depth of insights and understanding of appropriate and relevant technologies that applied to IT concerns of its existing and prospective customers.


The fast changing economic and advancing technology scenario is bringing the world community closer day by day. The catalyst behind these far reaching changes is the continuous propagation and development of newer technologies that has practically served and anchored the way of life in general and doing business and communication in particular.


I-MAP WEBSOLUTIONS is working towards popularizing the Internet by providing a comprehensive suite of Internet services for everybody. It has been striving and has succeeded in giving international quality in web designing and implementation by keeping a track of the latest developments in the industry.



I-MAP WEBSOLUTIONS sees itself as the country’s top e-commerce solution provider, a dominant web designing and hosting provider in the next five years with the objective of providing quality services through a dynamic use of the state-of-the art technologies available today and the technologies that will be made available in the future.



I-MAP WEBSOLUTIONS is committed to provide consultancy services to its customers who wish to gain the privileges of starting and maintaining an online business facility.  “Satisfaction” is the company’s main goal and this is paralleled with its mission and dedication to offer the growth of technology for the easy and available reach and use of its clients whose needs demand no less than the best.



1.      Registration of Web Domain

2.      Hosting of Web-page

3.      Design and Development of Website/Pages

4.      Web-Page Optimization Services

5.      E-commerce (B-2-B, B-2-C)

6.      Online Advertisement and Promotion services (E-classifieds)

7.      Online social network services

8.      Online gifts services

9.      Other e-commerce technology solutions

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