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This post is expired and exists as historical reference.
Hello! We are Veryancy Inc. from Laguna and we are looking for a Telecom Technician.
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Job Description

  • Does the installation or/and repair of voice and data lines (copper or fiber).
  • Must have good technical skills to effectively and solve problems. They must be familiar with a variety of phone systems and be able to perform a wide range of services, from basic repair to full installation.
  • Voice and data installers put new phone lines and DSL to residential and business offices. They install inside wiring and connect it to the service wires outside. They may have to climb a telephone pole to complete the necessary connections. It also involves installing the terminal box, which usually requires drilling holes through walls to make connections.
  • Voice and data repair technicians test, clean, and fix or replace faulty wiring. Working closely with the central office (MDF assistants), they locate and analyze problems with customers' inside lines. Repair technicians down the source of the trouble by connecting a test set to the phone line and then testing it with the central office.
  • If necessary, technicians do the running, pulling, terminating, and splicing cables; installing telecommunications equipment, routers, switches, etc.; responsible for installing, relocating, disconnecting, troubleshooting and auditing cable service and ancillary equipment, if necessary
  • Maintains and organizes tools and materials in the assigned vehicle in order to perform required duties; reports any damaged or lost tools and materials
  • Must be able to contribute in the performance output of the team; consistently adheres to the required SLAs set by the management.
  • Reports to the immediate superior/s any potential problem area/s, which may adversely affect performance or work quality
  • Responds to customer request and answers customer questions in a professional, courteous and effective manner. May consult immediate superior/s from time to time to confirm work orders.

Job Qualification

-with or without experience applicants are welcome to apply
-driver's license with restrictions 1&2 is an advantage 
-must be willing to train 


Technical knowledge 
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Veryancy Inc.

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