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This post is expired and exists as historical reference.
Hello! We are Afortiva Virtual Solutions from Makati and we are looking for a Work from Home Email CSR for an established Amazon eCommerce Company with 2 years of experience.
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Job Description

Work from Home Email CSR for an established Amazon Ecommerce Company

You will be working for an established US-based company with a remote and global team of high achievers. This is a long-term, full-time position that will allow you to work remotely and safely without having to commute. This is a good opportunity for you to work independently and have better work life balance. The company will provide performance incentives, bonuses, sick/vacation leaves, as well as a health card once you become a regular employee.  


  1. Respond to customer concerns via email with HIGH QUALITY responses. No generic responses as each situation is different and every customer must be responded with a personal touch. All customer concerns must be resolved in 30 minutes.

  2. Continually update and develop customer inquiry templates as new scenarios are identified. Templates will be used as a guide and not to copy paste replies.

  3. Perform comprehensive online research of the natural skin care industry and products, as needed, in order to provide exceptional customer service and immediately resolve customer issues.

  4. Create knowledge base and customer FAQs libraries, and keep them updated.

  5. Maintain average product review scores at 4.5 points on Amazon and websites.

  6. Generate and implement at least 6 new ideas for improving customer satisfaction within the first 12 months.

  7. Create and keep customer care related process flows (SOP) 100% up to date for future training purposes.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree in any field

  2. Excellent written and oral English communication skills. Excellent online research skills

  3. At least 2 years of experience working in a Customer Service role. Working as Email CSR in the past is an advantage.

  4. Experience working with an Ecommerce company and Amazon seller is a huge PLUS.

  5. Experience in working on graveyard shift. This position will require you to work from 12 MN to 9 AM.

  6. High speed wired internet (DSL or Fiber) and a fast laptop that allows you to perform at the highest efficiency.

  7. Unquestionable work ethic and integrity.

  8. Resourceful. Common sense and the ability to figure things out on your own. Does not need constant supervision.

  9. Organized. Great ability to follow through.

  10. Must be responsible, professional, and have common sense to solve problems before they escalate.

  11. Professional at email correspondence.

  12. Has held long term jobs in the past.

This full-time work from home position will make you grow, learn, and will challenge your skills. Unlike most jobs, this is an opportunity to be part of a high-performing team of 'A players' who make things happen, push projects to successful completion, and do meaningful work that is reflected out in the marketplace.

How to Apply:

  • Please write a cover letter on why you deserve this position. In the cover letter, please explain why you are the long term and professional Email CSR we are looking for. This is your first email test. The job is email correspondence. We will screen applicants based on the quality and authenticity of their cover letter.

  • Send your cover letter and resume to PA.Afortiva@gmail.com with the subject “WFH Email CSR Jobayan”.

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