Rosanne T. Roxas

Marketing/Business Development and Sales Management with 16 years of solid experience
Makati , Metro Manila

Joined July 2018

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Work Experience
Products Marketing &Mgt Head (Senior Manager)
Pru Life UK
BSBA Business Administration, major in Computer Applications
De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde
Products Marketing &Mgt Head
1.Successful Campaigns run from guaranteed issue offer, dollar sales, re-selling and maturity recapture 2.Successful launch of OL products with added health riders 3.Successful end-to-end customer journey script and implementation 4.Successful my DNA video (behind the scenes video script and promotion) 5.Successful update of all marketing and product primers with other materials required and approved by the Insurance Commission
  • Communications
  • Market Research/Segment
  • Planning and Organizing

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