Insurance Business Analyst

Metropolitan Manila Fulltime 500+
•    Create specifications and features of a future release
     •    Serves as a liaison to the business community and participates in user and task analysis to maintain the business perspective
     •    Responsible for analyzing and designing enhancements to the application or new business requirements.
     They identify and define detailed product functional requirements and use cases, set up and maintain the internal tracking reports/matrix as applicable.
     •    Assess current capabilities and identify high level market requirements and work with the release manager, architects, and other team members to define detailed requirements, metrics and performance goals for the application.
     •    Assist in translating requirements and use cases into test conditions and expected results for product and user acceptance testing and participate in transitioning the requirements and use cases to the designers, ensuring a
     clear and complete understanding of the requirements
     1. Candidate must come from the Insurance Industry
     2. Part of the MIS or IT Department
     3. Part of Actuarial Department, Product Development and Design
     4. Part of Insurance or Business Operations Area
     c.Policy and Admin
     5. Should have at least 2 years experience in Insurance
     6. Nice to have the following certifications
     a.LOMA Life Office Management Association
     b. AINS Associate in General Insurance
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