This job opening is expired and exists as historical reference.


Metropolitan Manila Fulltime 500+
     -    Lending and Banking professionals having experience in implementation of core banking solution and integration of lending systems and development of lending solutions.
     -    Good understanding of Banking Functional Requirements Specifications and Software Requirements Specifications.
     Maintain technology vendor relationship and compliance with service level agreements/ contractual commitments.
     -    Develop and communicate clear and actionable deliverables, or activities to be completed to relevant teams and departments.
     -    Support the project execution and governance by tracking deadlines, deliverables, resources, and timelines throughout the project process.
     -    Co-ordinate project team meetings to provide status updates and identify and resolve issues to ensure on-time, high-quality delivery in accordance with the stated project goals
     -    Ensure documentation, supporting materials, and project plans are updated and readily available for internal teams and senior leaders.
     -    Identify the processes and activities needing improvement and identify and communicate the new workable process standards and best practices to approach those activities.
     -    Manage changes to the project scope, project schedule, and project costs using appropriate verification techniques.
     -    Experienced in end to end project management.
     -    Bachelors degree in computer science, information systems or equivalent
     -    Deep understanding of different Insurance products riders, coverages
     -    Experience in supporting requirements from 2 domains in Insurance Value Chain New Business,
     -    Underwriting, Policy, Claims, Sales and Distribution, Agents
     -    Preferred but not required has LOMA or Insurance certification.
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