Entice Candidates with your Ranks and Achievements

Welcome to your reward page! Jobayan offers you points that correspond to ranks that your account can achieve. Explore these achievements and unlock badges to entice candidates with your engagement.

Earning Points

Begin unlocking! Points are easily earned as long as you’re active in your Jobayan account. Every activity corresponds to points (i.e. Promoting a post can earn you 500pts), and every point corresponds to level and rank. Just keep using your Jobayan account for you and your candidates and earn masters ranks to make your company stand out.

500 PTS Promoting a Post
200 PTS Signing Up
200 PTS Job Posting
100 PTS Click Interested
15 PTS Updating Profile
10 PTS Downloading a Resume
1 PT Viewing a Search Page
1 PT Viewing a Detail Page
1 PT Purchasing Credit 1:1


1-4 75++ Just Starting
5-9 460++ New Recruiter
10-19 1,230++ Junior Recruiter
20-29 4,545++ Active Recruiter
30-39 13,440++ Ninja Recruiter
40-49 37,300++ Samurai Recruiter
50-59 101,410++ Rockstar Company
60-69 273,820++ VIP Company
70-79 737,700++ Super Company
80-89 1,986,145++ Grand Company
90-99 5,346,410++ Epic Company
100++ 14,391,235++ Be the first to unlock!


Signup Badge
Verified Recruiter Badge
Verified Company Badge
Jobayan Medal of Honor
1st Interested Badge
10th Interested Badge
50th Interested Badge
100th Interested Badge
1st Post Badge
10th Post Badge
50th Post Badge
100th Post Badge
10th Downloaded Resume Badge
50th Downloaded Resume Badge
100th Downloaded Resume Badge
10th Promoted Badge
50th Promoted Badge
100th Promoted Badge