This job opening is expired and exists as historical reference.

Network Service Provisioning Engineer

Metro Manila Fulltime 100+

At Globe, our goal is to create a wonderful world for our people, business, and nation. By uniting people of passion who believe they can make a difference, we are confident that we can achieve this goal.

Job Description

- Establishes and sustains an effective and engaged TSP Sub-unit Organization.
- Provides technical support when needed in the development of high level commitments addressing Business needs.
- Participates in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning.
- Supports TFNDs Crisis Management Team.
- Performs actual work order implementation, end to end mapping, cabling, provisioning, testing and troubleshooting of all the required Transmission circuits supporting business’ needs.
- Performs quality assurance on all works performed either by in-house units or contractors ands handover of circuits to Operations.
- Performs trouble resolution for Transmission Circuits which were yet to be handed-over to Operations.

- Performs capacity monitoring and utilization tracking

- Generates Transport, Wireline and FOC Health Check and Product Costing reports

- Initiate or support protection audit and optimization

- Organizes and continuously updates Fixed and Cable network inventory (OSPMS) database

- Determine CN Facility information extracted from OSPMS and prepare CN Facility utilization report and inventory profile

- Perform CN Facility segment tracing in OSPMS and testing to ensure database integrity

- Prepares regular Network bandwidth utilization, traffic analysis, resolution collaboration, and access sell advise recommendations

- Plots traffic behavior and trends

- Conducts meeting with the different stakeholders for resolution of issues pertaining to network capacity and utilization.

- Analyze and provide recommendation

- Ensure on time completion and submission of reports

- Upkeeps Transport and Fixed NE Inventory

- Submits and analyses activity progress reports(build & performance, budget, scope,)

- Reports and recommend actions and initiatives on identified Activity Risks, Issues and Escalations

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