Jobayan Logo and Usage


The Jobayan logo is made up of 3 colors, Blue, Light Blue and Orange. The two hues of blue are used to distinguish the words "Job" and "Ayan". More description about the symbolism of the word and the logo.

A stylized "J" shaped like a partially folded necktie serves as the first letter of the logo, and at the same time symbolizes the essence of Jobayan which provides people with all kinds of employment opportunities.

Jobayan Logo Usage

In instances where the logo is needed to be placed directly on top of a high-contrast photograph or pattern, a rounded rectangle should be placed behind the logo, where the radius of the rounded corners is equal to 2 times the radius of the circle formed at the tip of the ascender of the letter "b" in the logo to be used.

Proper spacing as discussed in the next section should be observed.


In some instances where the logo will be the only identifying graphic for an item this logo with the tagline "YOUR CAREER AWAITS" may be used.


Legibility will always be a factor when using this variation. If the viewing size is too small to easily read the tagline, always opt for the logo itself. Do not increase the size of the tagline just to make it readable.

Clear space and sizes

The minimum clear space around the logo is defined as 2 times x, with x being the width of the ascender of the letter "b"
in the logo.


The minimum size of the logo is 25px by 82.6px for screen media, measured from the tip of the ascender of the letter "b"
to the bottom of the descender of the letter "y".

In cases where the pixel measurement cannot be used, legibility should always be the top priority.


The logo is recommended to be placed on a white background for maximum clarity. In cases when the original three colored logo is not appropriate, the following combinations are available for use:


Things not to do with the logo :

Never attempt to recreate the logo or any of its parts.
You probably know how to apply lots of lovely effects to things, but lets keep it to minimum when working with our logo.


Don't interchange the colors


Don't add stroke


Don't add a drop shadow


No matter how tempting, please don't add a print to the necktie


Don't use a regular "J" in the logo


Don't place the colored logo on top of a color that is or similar to one of the primary logos


Don't straighten out the "J"


Don't change the spacing of the logo

Download the full branding guideline of Jobayan